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For a comprehensive understanding of our programs and services as well as client-employee opportunities, schedule a tour to see all of our facilities today! We are a fully-licensed service provider for people with developmental disabilities in central Kansas and provide case management, residential, medical and employment services to those we serve. We also provide innovative job training opportunities to our clients at our Horse Ranch, Furniture Gallery, Greenhouse and Garden, Art Studio and Industrial Kitchen, and our Winery. Call us at (620) 793-5888 or contact us online!

A Place to Belong

Located in Great Bend, Kansas, our facilities are the perfect place for people living with developmental disabilities to truly belong.

Our Facilities

Main Campus
Rosewood Services
384 N Washington
Great Bend, Kansas 67530

Phone: (620) 793-5888
Fax: (620) 793-8393
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Administration Building
This is the main administrative complex for Rosewood Services, located a few miles north of Great Bend in a lush and rolling farm area. The facility is where Administration, Case Management and Residential Services Departments are housed. It was the first and only building used when Rosewood Services opened its doors in May 1998 to serve people with developmental disabilities.

Other Facilities Located at the Complex

Rosewood's Day Services offer a wide array of vocational training, assistance and support services uniquely suited to each individual. Housed throughout the Rosewood grounds, these facilities include:

The OutBack
The Outback is a sheltered workshop setting that helps clients learn and retain the skills needed to live and work as independently as possible.

NextDoor Retirement Facility
Located next door to the Administration Building, the NextDoor Retirement Facility offers more specialized services for the agency's elderly population and more severely disabled individuals who require more attentive medical care. Rosewood's Medical Department is housed here as well, providing wellness monitoring and appropriate help with medical and dental appointments.

The SouthQuarter
Adjacent to Rosewood's Administration Building, the SouthQuarter houses additional day service activities, including our popular Drum Therapy Program.

Greenhouse and Garden

Rosewood Services provides all-natural tomatoes to the community, essentially all year long. In the summertime, client-employees grow tomatoes the traditional way in the Rosewood Garden. Year-round, they continue to produce freshly grown tomatoes in the Rosewood Greenhouse with more than 150 tomato plants. Nearly 5,000 pounds of tomatoes are grown annually by the client-employees of the Rosewood Greenhouse and Garden. The tomatoes are sold to the public and area restaurants. Given their quality reputation, Rosewood tomatoes sell nearly as fast as they are grown!

Rosewood client-employees also grow green and red jalapeño peppers that are used in Rosewood Creations products including Rosewood Salsa and Cowboy Candy.

Memorial Garden
This serene spring landscape honors Rosewood's fallen clients. The names of Rosewood's dearly departed are etched in marble tablets along the garden's walkway. The Memorial Garden is a way to ensure that Rosewood clients are never forgotten by friends, family and Rosewood employees.

Rosewood Studio
4 NW 25th Rd
Great Bend, KS 67530

Phone: (620) 603-6338
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Ceramic Arts

Opened in February 2013, this location is where Rosewood’s talented artists are able to create products that are sold at Rosewood’s retail locations. They are able to express themselves and produce unique horsehair pottery, soap and bath products and other popular items.

Industrial Kitchen

Much of the fruit harvested from the Rosewood Ranch’s Orchard and Vineyard comes to the Industrial Kitchen where it is turned into delicious products that are sold at the Rosewood Wine Cellar. Specialty jams, jellies, salsa, cowboy candy and other homemade products are invented in the Industrial Kitchen by Rosewood’s expert baker and her qualified client-employees.

Discover more about client employee opportunities in the Ceramic Arts Studio and Industrial Kitchen!

Rosewood Furniture Gallery
1607 Main Street
Great Bend, KS 67530

Phone: (620) 793-8599
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Rosewood Furniture Gallery, located on Main Street in Great Bend, gives our client-employees the opportunity to sand, stain, varnish and assemble high-quality, solid-wood furniture for sale at our the retail gallery. Established in 2001, the Furniture Gallery boasts the lowest prices of new solid-wood furniture in the area.

See products made by our client-employees sold at the Rosewood Furniture Gallery!

Activity Center
Adjacent to the Furniture Gallery, the Activity Center is a regular gathering spot for larger groups at Rosewood Services. The space is used for meetings, trainings and social gatherings by Rosewood Services personnel. The Activity Center is easily adapted to fit the need of most any agency occasions.

Fitness Center
Located within the Activity Center, the Fitness Center proactively addresses health issues often faced by persons with disabilities. Rosewood clients have individualized exercise programs, which include learning to make appropriate choices for preventative health maintenance.

Rosewood Wine Cellar
1901 Lakin
Great Bend, KS 67530

Phone: (620) 603-6410
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The Rosewood Wine Cellar is located in downtown Great Bend, Kansas. Many of the products available for purchase are produced with care and dedication by Rosewood client-employees. Our client-employees take pride in their work, which is showcased and sold at The Wine Cellar.

At The Wine Cellar, you can purchase fine wine, build your own gift basket and more! Products sold at the Wine Cellar include pure raw honey, specialty jellies and jams, salsa, gourmet coffee, tomatoes, soaps and bath products and horse hair pottery.

Read more about our products at Rosewood Wine Cellar!

Rosewood Horse Ranch
1171 SW 20 Road
Pawnee Rock, KS 67567

Phone: (620) 786-1693
Contact Rosewood Horse Ranch

Rosewood Horse Ranch is nestled on nearly 1,000 acres of rolling plains in central Kansas. A full-working horse ranch, it is home to Rosewood’s Therapeutic Riding program, which is available to Rosewood clients who express an interest in horses and horseback riding.

Rosewood Therapeutic Riding Program includes two instructors who are certified by Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International, the leading therapeutic horsemanship organization in the world.

The Ranch was started by owners Tammy and Eric Hammond in May 2001. Some therapy riders compete in horse shows during the summer months, and several compete at the World Horse Show in Tulsa, OK. Most adult riders participate in the annual Rosewood Rodeo, held in October at Great Bend Expo III Arena, and compete in Horsemanship, Flags, Keyhole Races, Barrels, Pole Bending and Trail Competition.

The Ranch provides opportunities beyond therapy riding, providing work opportunities to about 40 Rosewood client-employees who handle ranch duties on a daily basis. Pure raw honey and a variety of fruit is harvested at the Ranch by some of these dedicated client-employees.

Rosewood Winery
1171 SW 20 Road
Pawnee Rock, KS 67567

Phone: (620) 982-4487
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Nestled in the heart of the Rosewood Ranch, the Rosewood Winery offers nearly two dozen types of Rosewood Wines, all of which are made from the highest quality grapes. The Ranch is home to a nationally-acclaimed therapeutic horse riding program and to world champion horses, for which the Rosewood Wines are named.

The Winery opened in October 2012 as an opportunity for client-employees to develop job skills and self-worth. Client-employees take pride in the work they do for Rosewood Winery. A perfect space for small-group gatherings, specials functions are held during the year at Rosewood Winery. Tastings and tours to the public are also available by appointment.

Read more about Rosewood Winery!

Rosewood Bargain Barn
1215 Main Street
Great Bend, KS 67530

Phone: (620) 796-2223
Contact Rosewood Bargain Barn

Rosewood Bargain Barn was developed as a proactive business approach to earn funds for the Roots & Wings Foundation.  We’re always looking for quality items to sell. You can drop your items off during business hours or let us do the lifting! Free local pick up service is also available for items that are too large and/or too heavy to fit in your car. We can transport items to our store or sell remotely through our website. 

By donating to the Bargain Barn, we can help you clear out your surplus inventory and in turn, we provide you a tax deductible receipt. Beyond a great deal or a tax deduction, you’ll receive immense satisfaction knowing that you are truly making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities who live in central Kansas.

Roots & Wings Foundation Office
1213 Main Street
Great Bend, KS 67530

Phone: (620) 796-2242
Contact Roots & Wings Foundation Office

Roots and Wings signifies the security and stability rooted in the services Rosewood offers, along with the courage and ability for clients to try their wings and reach for as much personal independence as possible. Please contact our Foundation to learn how you can help Rosewood clients both roots and wings through a donation.

Rosewood Maintenance Building
2200 Main Street
Great Bend, KS 67530

Phone: (620) 603-8348
Contact Rosewood Maintenance Building

2200 Main Street


The Maintenance building provides the opportunity for vehicle and general repairs to be completed in-house by Rosewood’s skilled employees. The maintenance building is also home to PAT crews. Plans are underway for the development of new work and training opportunities such as: electronic recycling, car detailing and window washing. 


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