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Our Greater Purpose

Life is a Celebration at Rosewood

At Rosewood, we celebrate the unique abilities, successes and choices of people with developmental disabilities. Our programs and services allow our clients to explore opportunities in safe, nurturing and appropriately challenging environments. We encourage the best in each person as advocates of personal dignity, respect and unfailing attention to individual needs and goals.

Meaningful Client Work Opportunities Include:


Rosewood Horse Ranch
The Horse Ranch covers nearly 1,000 acres of rolling plains and is renowned for its award-winning therapeutic horse riding program with certified instructors who mentor individuals with developmental disabilities.


Rosewood Furniture Gallery
Rosewood Furniture Gallery, located on Main Street in Great Bend, gives our client-employees the opportunity to sand, stain, varnish and assemble high-quality, solid-wood furniture for sale at our the retail gallery.


Studio (Arts & Industrial Kitchen)
The Rosewood Studio is comprised of two areas: the Art Studio and the Industrial Kitchen. The Art Studio is a place where Rosewood’s talented artists are able to express themselves and create high-quality products such as horsehair pottery, bath products and other unique items. The Industrial Kitchen allows client-employees to turn the delicious fruit and honey from the Rosewood Ranch into specialty jams, jellies, salsa and more! (links to Creations)


Rosewood Winery
Rosewood Winery is the only winery in the nation that is devoted to providing employment opportunities to people with developmental disabilities. Nestled in the heart of the 750-acre Rosewood Ranch, the Winery is a nurturing environment where our clients find their passion and develop skills and self-worth.


Wine Cellar
The Rosewood Wine Cellar is located in downtown Great Bend, Kansas. Many of the products available for purchase are produced with care and dedication by Rosewood client-employees. Our client-employees take pride in their work, which is showcased and sold at The Wine Cellar. Of the products sold at the Wine Cellar, many are made with care by our client-employees at Rosewood Services, under the expert guidance of our Rosewood Creations managers.


Greenhouse & Gardens
Our Greenhouse and Garden provides all-natural, freshly grown tomatoes to the community nearly year-round. We also grow jalapeño peppers, which are used in some of our Rosewood Creations products. Clients began working in the Greenhouse and Garden in spring 2010, and enjoy the experience of watering, fertilizing, picking and selling.

The success of the Greenhouse and Garden is dependent upon a few dozen Rosewood clients who work to care for and grow the tomatoes before they are brought to market. Clients spend several hours a day helping to care for the plants and harvesting them. A popular item at Rosewood Gallery and the Great Bend Farmer’s market, our tomatoes often sell as fast as the clients can pick them.

Contact us today and let us know what questions you have. We’ll work together in growing new opportunities, specialized for your needs.


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Our Greater Purpose