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Senior Staff

Tammy Hammond
Founder & Executive Director
Letter from Tammy

Vicki Schmitt
Senior Director

Amanda Hammond
Director of Services

Eric Hammond
Ranch Manager

Anna Hammond-Bodine
Director of Business Development

Patty Halseth
Financial Coordinator

Tess Bradley
Assistant Financial Coordinator

Marsha George
Human Resources Manager

Melissa Andrulis
Day Services Manager

Karen Hoffman
Director of Residential

Frankie Pelster
Employment Specialist

Alex Hammond
Winery Manager

Michael Dawes
Director of Public Relations

Dana Allison
Creative Director

Dana Turner
Retail Manager

Amanda Crawford
Wine Cellar Administrator

Kathy Thatcher
Furniture Gallery Administrator

Bargain Barn Administrator


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21 Rosewood Services Members Participate in State Advocacy Conference

07/12/2024 - Awards & RecognitionClubs & OrganizationsCommunity Involvement

Strachan Wins “Support Staff” Award A record number 21 members of Rosewood Services, along...

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