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So that was a great experience! The best Kansas wine we’ve ever tasted and we had to stop ourselves at 4 bottles. ... Delightful stop and we’ll make a point of stopping again next time we are in the area!! ... Congrats on the fabulous products you create! ❤️❤️
L.C. - Customer at Rosewood Wine Cellar, visiting from Wichita

A special thank you to Eric and Ashley for the tour of Rosewood Ranch and the Winery on Friday!!
Tammy, I was sorry I did not get a chance to meet you but I wanted you know that I am so impressed with the services your team provides to PwD in the Great Bend area. Your vision and facilities are truly AMAZING!
A.B. - Instructor for job training for people with disabilities

We have just been blown away with Rosewood. I NEVER thought these opportunities would be avaliable to (our daughter). Since things have gotten harder the past couple years I knew we needed to find a safe home for her that was knowledgeable, is PWS, and thought out-of-state was our only option. We were worried for her and for us as a family. You have given us hope that she will live a happy life and I will be more of a mother to her than a caregiver.
K.W. - mother of person receiving services from Rosewood Services 

Tammy Hammond and Rosewood Services are great assets to our community for everything they do.
L.L. – community member 

I like working with the clients every day; they are such a big part of my life.
S.S. – Rosewood Services employee

Rosewood is a real gift to all of us who are blessed to be able to take our children to them.
S.A. – mother of Rosewood Services client

When I leave work, I feel like I have affected someone’s life and made a positive impact for them.
M.O. – Rosewood Services employee

Rosewood Services literally saved my life. I was having trouble surviving on my own. They got me back on my feet.
J.C. – Rosewood Services client

Rosewood treats everyone like family and we are all eager to help each other out.
V.B. – Rosewood Services employee

Stephanie is much happier in life now that she gets to create things at the Studio and ride horses at Rosewood Ranch.
D.D. – guardian of Rosewood client

Rosewood touches everyone’s lives in a special way and makes people want to be better and do better.
A.E. – Rosewood Services employee

I do it for the clients. I try to put myself in their situations and then I try to do whatever I can do to help them.
R.M. – Rosewood Services employee

Rita loves going to work every weekday at the Studio and can’t wait to see what she gets to do that day.
J.S. – guardian of Rosewood Services client

We all look forward to Thursdays. Horse riding never gets old for us.
M.M. – Rosewood Ranch participant – Independent Rider category

I think getting and keeping my certification helps to make ours a better therapeutic riding center and that means a lot to me.
M.S. – PATH Int.-certified riding instructor for Rosewood Ranch

Rosewood has been invaluable in consistently helping to improve the experience of fairgoers over the years."
C.A. – community member

I like being a part of a client’s personal growth by helping them achieve their long and short-term goals.
D.S. – Rosewood Services employee

We’ve never featured a ranch/farm similar to Rosewood that is dedicated to helping folks with developmental disabilities. It was a very moving and inspiring experience.
T.B. – associate producer of nationally-syndicated show, “America’s Heartland”

Rosewood is very meaningful to the clients that we serve. I have nothing but good things to say about the care, activities and services provided here.
D.B. – Former Rosewood Services employee

It’s a very rich life the clients have at Rosewood with all the places they can work and the different environments they can experience. It’s a model that I haven’t seen anyone in the state do.
K.H. – Occupational Therapy Student, Brown Mackie College (Salina)

Landon has come a long way in three years. I’m so glad the horse therapy program is here for him.
B.T. – father of Rosewood Services client

I like helping people and our clients like helping people. All these years, we've made a great team.
S.S. - retired Rosewood Services employee

Horse therapy has helped Derek tremendously with his trunk control. …  Horse therapy has helped to make him stronger.
B.G. – mother of Rosewood Services client

I love seeing their joy when they have accomplished a major goal. I especially have enjoyed helping our clients become financially independent.
T.B. – Rosewood Services employee

When Jere is (horse) riding, you can see him concentrating on what to do next. You can actually see his mind working.
S.S. – mother of Rosewood Services client

What I like the most is watching the growth of the folks we work with. It is a great feeling seeing them gain independent skills.
M.M. – Rosewood Services employee

I am so indebted to Rosewood for the work they do with my son, Christopher.
B.S. – mother of Rosewood Services client

Riding horses has been a highlight in Trenton’s life. It is the one activity that he can really enjoy physically and mentally. … It has strengthened his core muscles dramatically.
J.L. – mother of Rosewood Services client

I want to thank you for your loving, giving and caring heart. My sister Karla lives in one of your homes. ... The work you do is so amazing. You bring joy to many people. I was able to purchase a beautiful cross from where Karla works. I have it hanging in my house and it is such a joyful reminder of what you do.
D.F. – sister of Rosewood Services client


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