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Rosewood AKTION Club Delivers Nearly 70 Blankets from Community Drive to Help Children

Rosewood Miracle Workers AKTION Club received tremendous support from its fall blanket drive to benefit children within the community. On a sunny Friday morning on Dec. 20, members were able to deliver nearly 70 blankets and quilts to two local entities who serve children in need. Rosewood AKTION Club donated blankets to Family Crisis Center and to the Barton County Health Department.

“Our community stepped up in a huge way to support this drive,” said Rosewood AKTION Club sponsor Frankie Pelster. “Our club members worked extremely hard organizing this drive, but we are overwhelmed with the support we received in providing the gift of warmth to children this holiday season. We know both organizations will find good homes for the blankets.”

Family Crisis Center Donations – Rosewood Miracle Workers AKTION Club members are photographed along with Family Crisis Center reps with more than 30 blankets donated by the community during the AKTION Club blanket drive conducted through the fall. Pictured left to right are D.J. Johnson, Frankie Peslster (AKTION Club sponsor), Pam Babcock, Joanne Wondra (Family Crisis Center Executive Director), Josh Trimmer, Stephanie Chambers (AKTION Club sponsor assistant), Maria Gamez (Family Crisis Center), Tagan Brown (Family Crisis Center), Kurtis Coleman.

Family Crisis Center has received other blanket donations this holiday season, but executive director Joanne Wondra said there can never be enough blankets donated to support those affected by domestic and sexual violence in the organization’s 10-county area. During the past three months, especially, all shelters have been full and the blanket supplies have depleted quickly, she said.

“We certainly appreciate your kindness because blankets are comfort for our children,” Wondra told Rosewood AKTION Club members. “Every child who comes into here leaves with a blanket and other necessary items. We need blankets all the time, and I know that our children will love and appreciate them.”

Along with other blankets donated to Barton County Health Department, six baby quilts were donated that were made by Rosewood Services’ sewing class.

“This is so wonderful,” said Public Health Nurse Debra Higgins as she held one of the donated quilts. “Part of our job at the Health Department is that we follow our mothers through their pregnancy and we present parents with a blanket for their newborn. These donations are much needed and we can’t thank you enough.”

Health Department Donations – Rosewood Miracle Workers AKTION Club members are photographed along with Barton County Health Department representatives holding up baby quilts that were made by the Rosewood Quilting Class. The baby quilts and approximately 30 other blankets were donated by the community during the Club’s fall blanket drive. Pictured left to right are D.J. Johnson, Frankie Pelster (AKTION Club sponsor), Pam Babcock, Debra Higgins (Public Health Nurse), Kurtis Coleman, Stephanie Chambers (AKTION Club sponsor assistant), Tyler Michaelis, and Christina Delgadillo (Health Department Nurse).

Rosewood AKTION Club is an affiliate of the national Kiwanis organization that promotes service in action for people with developmental disabilities. The area club allows Rosewood representatives to be actively involved in the community and to positively impact the lives of others.

Quilting Class Donations – Rosewood Quilting Class donates six baby quilts made by the class to Rosewood Miracle Workers AKTION Club for the fall blanket drive to benefit community children. Pictured left to right are Frankie Pelster (AKTION Club sponsor), Josh Trimmer (AKTION Club), Corey Triplett (Quilting Class) and Sherri Nickelson (Quilting Class Instructor).


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Dec. 30, 2019
Story by: Michael Dawes, director of PR, Rosewood Services, 620-792-2536,