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Kansas Chamber Senior Director Tours Rosewood Services

Kansas Chamber Tour – Kansas Chamber of Commerce Senior Director of Investor Relations Bryan Frye is shown with Rosewood Services Executive Director Tammy Hammond at “Santas Around The World” in downtown Great Bend during their Rosewood Services tour on July 15.

Bryan Frye received an “eye-opening” experience when he toured Rosewood Services on July 15. The Kansas Chamber senior director of Investor Relations spent the day touring a dozen Rosewood locations with Rosewood’s Executive Director Tammy Hammond. 

“I was surprised numerous times on my tour,” said Frye, who regularly tours businesses in his role with the Kansas Chamber. “It’s amazing how that many resources are there in Great Bend, with Rosewood providing so many different services to people with developmental disabilities. It was quite an eye-opener for me.”

Frye and Hammond toured Rosewood Bargain Barn, Furniture Gallery, Wine Cellar and “Santas Around the World” in downtown Great Bend. They also toured client employment areas, including the Maintenance Building, Studio, Greenhouse, Ranch and Winery, the Rosewood Employment Network office, and a future training location, which is under construction. It made for a full day for the Kansas Chamber representative, who said he is always interested in learning how he can help and work with member businesses, like Rosewood Services.

For nearly 100 years, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce has been in existence as an advocate for businesses and chambers across the state. The mission of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, according to the organization’s website, is to continually strive to improve the economic climate for the benefit of every business and citizen and to safeguard our system of free, competitive enterprise.

“We’ve got mom-and-pop operators to giant industries with thousands of employees who we represent,” said Frye. “It’s varied. I will tell you that we don’t have many like Rosewood, and so that is unique and a great benefit to the Great Bend area.”

Wine World – Kansas Chamber of Commerce Senior Director of Investor Relations Bryan Frye reads a Rosewood Wine menu while touring Rosewood Winery in Pawnee Rock on July 15.

Hammond said she is grateful to Frye and to the Kansas Chamber of Commerce for taking time to get to know Rosewood Services and its business ventures, which benefit people with developmental disabilities and the Great Bend community.

“It’s easier to understand our business model, once you’ve toured our programs, employment locations, and our retail stores,” explained Hammond. “That way, you are able to see how they all interact with each other. Bryan took the time to see and experience the many facets of Rosewood Services. He is genuinely interested in helping us to move forward, and I believe our partnership with the Kansas Chamber is made stronger because of his visit.”


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July 23, 2019
Story by: Michael Dawes, director of public relations, Rosewood Services, 620-639-0407,