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Rosewood Winery Introduces “Delightfully Sweet” Moscato

When Rosewood Winery opened last fall, customers quickly began clamoring for the sweet taste of Moscato wine. So almost immediately the Winery set to work on producing its distinct version of the ever-popular sweet white wine. Now, Rosewood is ready to unveil its refreshing Moscato, described as lush, fruity and delightfully sweet, with hints of tropical fruit flavors.

The Rosewood Winery and Wine Cellar will begin selling Daisy May Good Moscato on Friday. Both the Winery and the Wine Cellar will offer free tastings of the fresh-and-vibrant new wine to customers, beginning Friday and running through the following week during their normal business hours.

“Over the past year, we’ve received a tremendous amount of requests for this one variety of wine and so we are excited to finally be able to roll it out to the public,” said Rosewood Services executive director Tammy Hammond. “We believe this variety will become very popular in our line-up of fine wines.”

Moscato is often referred to as a dessert wine, but it has proven to be quite versatile in pairing with other foods as well, such as cheeses, fresh berries, salads and antipasto plates. It has grown in popularity over the last several years as a brunch-time wine.

Also being released for sale on Friday and available for tasting is Crick A Shay Zinfandel Shiraz, a deep and flavorful dry red wine with the blend of two of the world’s most popular grapes.

The fanciful name of Rosewood’s wines, such as Crick A Shay, are taken from the names of current and former horses at the Rosewood Ranch. The Winery and Ranch are subsidiaries of Rosewood Services and offer unique employment opportunities to people with developmental disabilities. Rosewood Winery is the only full operational winery in the country providing work opportunities to people with developmental disabilities.

The complete wine list can be accessed at, along with other information about the Rosewood Winery and Wine Cellar.