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Rosewood Showcases Fashion Flaunt at June Jaunt

Fashion Fathers – Left to right on stage at Jack Kilby Square are Gerald Hickman, Colin Herman and Andy Hammond, sporting “He’s the Man” collection of t-shirts available at Rosewood Bargain Barn. Adding a touch of magic to the dad fashion scene were sisters Savie and Livie Hammond.  

There’s Fashion Week in New York City, the Red Carpet during the Academy Awards, and now introducing “Great Bend Stores Fashion Show” at June Jaunt. Rosewood Services participated in the inaugural event on the stage at Jack Kilby Square in downtown Great Bend on June 2, showcasing its variety t-shirts, shirts and accessories from Rosewood Bargain Barn and Rosewood Wine Cellar.

Rosewood employees, clients and children of employees modeled the clothing to the June Jaunt crowd, showcasing six outfit themes. Unlike the exorbitant prices for outfits of those other fashion festivities, Rosewood’s total cost for featured outfits ranged from nearly $65 to as low as $15.

“This event gave us a chance to show the public what fun and fashionable clothing items we have available at two of our Rosewood stores in downtown Great Bend,” said Tammy Hammond, executive director of Rosewood Services. “It also gave us a chance to promote our businesses that employ people with developmental disabilities, where they have a hand in making many of the products we sell.” 

Showcase No. 1 featured “Fiesta Fireworks,” a patriotic combination of red, white and blue tanks. Showcase No. 2 was titled, “The Beach is Calling,” and featured dresses, along with Kimono Cardigans. Cute and casual classic black “wine themed” tops highlighted “Girls Night Out,” the No. 3 showcase. “Selfie Princesses,” the fourth showcase, featured fun and styling children and adult “Selfies” tops. In time for summer get-togethers and father’s day, “He’s The Man,” showcase No. 5, sported a variety of dad-themed shirts. Lastly, “Fundraisers Celebrate Community,” showcase No. 6, promoted Rosewood Bargain Barn’s “Saturdays T-Shirts” that provide people and organizations a way to earn money for their charity causes.

Twenty five Rosewood employees, clients and children of employees participated as models in the fashion show. They are Firework Fiesta: Jericah Villapo, Jaime Hammond, Aimee Bailey; The Beach is Calling: Juanita Heinrich, Krystal Thorne, Debbie Larkin, Vicki Schmitt; Girls Night Out: Lacy Roberts, Jennifer Stoddard, Audra Walk; Selfie Princesses: Melonie Myers, Lexi Myers, Ryleigh Myers, Anna Hammond-Bodine, Brooke Bodine, Bree Bodine; He’s the Man: Andy Hammond, Gerald Hickman, Colin Herman, Livie Hammond, Savie Hammond; Fundraisers Celebrate Community: Deb Smith, Donetta Messersmith; Vickie Booze, Tabitha Lewis.


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June 13, 2018
Story by: Michael Dawes, 785-577-8348,