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Rosewood Maintenance Facility Bolsters Employment Training for People with Disabilities

New Training Opportunities – Rosewood Services Founder and CEO Tammy Hammond cuts the ribbon to celebrate the opening of the Rosewood Maintenance Training Facility in downtown Great Bend. Standing right of Hammond is Vicki Schmitt, Senior Director of Services, and left is Amanda Hammond, Director of Services. They were joined by nearly 20 staff and clients who are involved with the new training facility.

In an effort to diversify employment training opportunities for people with developmental disabilities, Rosewood Services has opened its Maintenance Training Facility at 2200 Main Street, Great Bend. The new facility is designed to train clients in the areas of mechanical repair, vehicle detailing, window washing, lawn care and electronic recycling.

“These programs have been designed with the idea that once individuals successfully complete a program, they will be qualified to work in that area of industry,” said Anna Hammond, Rosewood Director of Business Development. “These programs are added to the many other employment training programs we already offer people with developmental disabilities. It’s important to give people choices for opportunities in the workforce. With proper training in the areas we have developed, people with disabilities can become stronger candidates for local employers. Our experience shows that with proper training in an area where people show interest and aptitude, they are more successful in achieving long-term employment.”

With mechanical repair, clients learn how to repair small items such as lawn mowers, bicycles, and furniture pieces. Vehicle detailing teaches them how to detail the interior and exterior of vehicles, which includes detailing wheels, washing, waxing and polishing vehicles, plus learning aspects of running a car detailing business. The new window washing program trains people how to professionally clean windows. Lawn care teaches them how to water and maintain lawns. And an electronic recycling program is being introduced that teaches clients how to safely disassemble old electronics, such as computers, televisions and radios and prepare them for proper recycling.

“We’re excited about the new programs being offered by our exceptional team at the Rosewood Maintenance Training Facility,” said Tammy Hammond, CEO and Founder of Rosewood Services. “Our staff is fully trained and ready to embark on a new venture that will benefit our clients, community employers and our community as a whole. Our new training facility truly will enhance the opportunities for growth we can offer to our clients.”


For more information, contact Anna Hammond, Rosewood Services, 620-793-5888.

September 11, 2018
Story by: Michael Dawes, 785-577-8348,