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Quilting Classes in Session at Rosewood Gallery

A Stitch In Time

Quilting Time – Corey Triplett sews a quilt at Rosewood Gallery with the guidance of Rosewood Gallery Lead Sherri Nickelson. Triplett is one of six Rosewood clients who have participated weekly in the sewing classes instructed by Nickelson. Another student is preparing to join the class for the next quilting project, said Nickelson.

“Sewing is a passion of mine that has rubbed off on to them,” said Nickelson. “It’s so relaxing and it takes any stress off of them. It also gives them a sense of accomplishment. When the job is done, they can look it over and know that they’ve completed quality work.”

Rosewood Gallery in downtown Great Bend is a place known for heirloom quality, solid-wood furniture. But it is quietly becoming a place known for quality quilting, too.

That’s because Rosewood Gallery Lead Sherri Nickelson, an expert quilter, has been teaching her love of quilting, crocheting and sewing to some of Rosewood’s clients, who have shown a desire to learn the skilled process. For more than a year, a handful of Rosewood clients have participated weekly in sewing projects that involve quilting or crocheting. 

“It started with a few of them and as others got interested, it has grown,” explained Nickelson. 
About an hour is about all that they can handle each session, so we move slow, but we are consistent with working on the projects every week. We stagger the sessions throughout the week, so that we can work with them individually.”

Nickelson teaches each client one or two days a week. The net result is a collection of baby quilts that will be donated this fall to a local organization in need of the blankets. She also has one client, Debbie Wasinger, who prefers to crochet, so Nickelson works with her to create dish cloths.

“She’s been learning to count stiches and that takes extra patience, but she’s been able to complete several dish cloths,” said Nickelson. “That’s a big accomplishment for anyone learning to crochet.”

On the other hand, quilt making is a team project, explained Nickelson. Each client does work on the same quilt until that quilt is completed. 

“For instance, Jesse (Kerns) just completed the work on the top part of the quilt we are working on; now he knows next week when he comes in to sew, he’ll work on a different quilt,” explained Nickelson. “They see the end product and know that they had an important hand in a group effort. It’s just another concept to keep clients engaged and involved who show an interest in something and want diversification in the workplace.”

Next project up for the sewing group is a patch-work quilt. Nickelson said she creates the designs each time, making them a bit different to keep the interest of her students. She is also preparing to introduce embroidery into their sewing projects. 

“We are thankful to have Sherri working with our clients,” said Tammy Hammond, Rosewood Services Executive Director. “Her ability to share her talents by patiently teaching each individual is remarkable. I enjoy seeing their progress!”


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August 15, 2019
Story by: Michael Dawes, director of public relations, Rosewood Services, 620-792-2536,