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Rosewood Employees Awarded for Combined 115 Years of Service

Thirteen Rosewood Services employees achieved milestone work anniversaries in 2019. They were recognized during the employee Christmas party this month, representing a total of 115 years of service.

Rosewood employees reaching 20 years of service this year were Andy Hammond and Judy Shelton. Achieving 15 years of service was Linda Burton. Janice Folkerts and Kenneth Shelton were each recognized for 10 years of service. Kendra Beakey, Dan Haselhorst, Juanita Heinrich, Amy Kilwein, Ashley Mallow, Melissa Swift, Patricia White and Tandy Webb were each awarded plaques for five years of service.

“The large group of employees we recognize this year represents longevity and consistency in providing supports and care to those we serve,” said Rosewood Services Executive Director Tammy Hammond. “I appreciate each and every one of them for the efforts they give everyday in making a positive difference in the lives of people with developmental disabilities.”

Quality Service - Pictured are six Rosewood Services employees who received their service award plaques. Back row, left to right:  Rosewood Senior Director Vicki Schmitt, Director of Service Amanda Hammond, Dan Haselhorst, Executive Director Tammy Hammond. Front row: Juanita Heinrich, Tandy Webb, Linda Burton, Melissa Swift, and Amy Kilwein. Those awarded who could not attend because of work or other commitments were: Kendra Beakey, Ashley Mallow, Patricia White, Janice Folkerts, Kenneth Shelton, Andy Hammond and Judy Shelton.


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December 27, 2019
Story by: Michael Dawes, Rosewood PR Director, 620-792-2536