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Supreme Court Justices Experience Rosewood Services

Rodeo Friends – Rosewood Services executive director Tammy Hammond is photographed with Justice Dan Biles and his daughter, Claire, during the 12th Annual Rosewood Rodeo on Saturday, Oct. 8 at Great Bend Expo III.

Two Kansas Supreme Court Justices scheduled time last week to inform themselves of the many programs and businesses built by Rosewood Services to serve and benefit people with disabilities.

Justices Dan Biles and Caleb Stegall spoke at Great Bend Rotary Club last Monday (Oct. 3). Afterward, they spent the afternoon touring Rosewood’s day services and retail locations, guided by Tammy Hammond, Rosewood Services founder and executive director. The justices toured Rosewood Studio, Furniture Gallery, Bargain Barn and Wine Cellar, among several other Rosewood locations, which are designed to provide diverse training and opportunities to people with developmental disabilities.

“We were pleased the Justices took such a noted interest in our programs,” said Hammond. “They enjoyed meeting our folks and seeing the many facets of our organization that have grown for the past 18 years to provide diversity and opportunity to people with disabilities,” said Hammond. While Justice Biles has long been a strong supporter of people with disabilities, both Justices are genuine and sincere in their efforts to serve all Kansans.”

On Saturday, Justice Biles also attended Rosewood’s 12th Annual Rosewood Rodeo where he provided the invocation to Rodeo participants and audience. Biles, along with his daughter, Claire, took in the day’s events and interacted with the many of the day’s spectators and participants.

“We come in the spirit of fellowship, family, and community, as we support our friends and loved ones in this demonstration of all they have accomplished in their lives,” said Biles during his invocation, prior to the event. “Today, these competitors are the ones who have our attention. We are thankful for them and all that they bring to our lives.”

Rosewood Tour – Kansas Supreme Court Justice Caleb Stegall listens while Rosewood executive director Tammy Hammond provides information about the Rosewood Wine Cellar during the Justices’ tour on Oct. 3. 


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October 13, 2016
Story by: Michael Dawes, marketing director, Rosewood Services, 620-796-2242,