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A Christmas Message

from Rosewood Services Executive Director Tammy Hammond - December 23, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Tammy Hammond - Executive Director, Rosewood Services

Yes,  unbelievably its Christmas…already…this year has been uncertain to say the least, and when you factor in the newly demanded awareness we need to live with everyday,  I would suggest it has also been the most exhausting year most of us have ever spent…then here comes Christmas with its expected hustle and bustle to add to a tired family, or maybe a worn out business, or whatever each personal situation may be.  

The stress of 2020 presents the possibility of stealing the joy we once hoped for, and expected from, the Christmas holiday we have been accustomed to for years…suddenly it is families not gathering, meals not shared together, laughter and cheers not enjoyed…

Because of all of this,  I want to share something that recently touched my heart,  and maybe brought a bit of perspective to the moment for me.  I encourage you to spend a few minutes to watch the video I will attach at the end.

In this video,  you will see a 10 year old boy stand on stage and sing.  His youthful talent is possibly even more incredible due to his autism and blindness,  but it is the message of hope he holds out in his song that I found so touching… The wisdom to recognize hope despite circumstances or situation.

As I listened to him ask “Open the eyes of my heart Lord,” it reminded me that eyesight can be so deceiving, that circumstances are not always as we see them to be… The sight that is truly important is the eyesight of our hearts…we instinctively feel in our hearts what is right,  what is good…it is with the eyes of our heart that we recognize the blessings we are surrounded with…when we focus on those rather than the turmoil surrounding us,  we can find and feel the calmness that seems so elusive right now.

I hope you will take a moment to watch this young man,  I hope it brings the same feeling of calmness and peace to your heart that it does to mine….as I realize the real answer to 2020 is timeless…the hope for the future is not political,  or scientific,  but is truly about the message of Hope that Christmas Celebrates...and the Joy we can chose to feel as we share this season with one another…

Merry Christmas