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Rosewood’s Tammy Hammond Publishes Books About Santa Claus

(Left) The History of Santa Claus:  The cover of Tammy Hammond’s first “Santa” book, and (Right) Santas Around The World: The cover of Tammy’s second “Santa” Both books were published in late January.

Tammy Hammond, Rosewood Services founder and executive director, is now a published author. Last month, she published two books on Santa Claus that she wrote over a two-year span, and she has plans to complete and publish two more books in the coming year.

Hammond completed her first book more than a year ago, titled The History of Santa Claus: The Traditions and Origins of Santa as Practiced Around the World. She completed her second book late last year, titled Santas Around the World: Experience America’s Most Unique Santa Collection. Both books were recently published and are available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble as hardcover and paperback editions, as well as on Kindle. Additionally, The History of Santa will shortly be available as an audiobook. All proceeds from book sales will go to the Roots & Wings Foundation to maintain the Santas Around The World exhibit.  

“I’ve always found the story of Santa Claus magical and enchanting,” explained Hammond. “I became even more fascinated when we were gifted the Santas Around The World exhibit more than a decade ago. Since that time, I’ve become an avid reader and researcher of all things Santa Claus. These books are the result of my desire to learn more about his legend as well as my desire to tell people about our wonderful Santas exhibit.”

Santas Around the World is a multicultural collection of 25 life-sized international Santas crafted by local artist and sculptor Loretta Miller. The exhibit was donated to the Rosewood Roots & Wings Foundation by the Santa Committee in 2011, after being moved to various locations around Great Bend. Since that time, the exhibit has been showcased at its current location, 1223 Main Street, downtown Great Bend.

Hammond’s first book, The History of Santa Claus, chronicles how Santa Claus evolved from mythology and real people into the contemporary jolly old elf we know today. More specifically, she traces the evolution of Santa from Bishop Nicholas of Myra to his later incarnations in America and Europe: Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas, Samichlaus, Father Christmas, Grandfather Frost, Santa Claus, and many others.

In her second book, Santas Around the World, Hammond provides the history of the 25 Santas (country by country and with beautiful color renderings) that are featured in the Great Bend exhibit. The book explains the differences and similarities of these “cultural Santas,” and details how and why the garb, names, and traditions of Santa evolved differently, while retaining the basic elements of the figure commonly called Saint Nick.

Santas Around the World also pays tribute to artist Loretta Miller’s creative inspiration, making each Christmas holiday a special time of the year for Rosewood and the Great Bend community.

“The Santas in our exhibit are exquisite pieces created by a wonderfully gifted artist,” Hammond said. “I want as many people as possible to know what an amazing exhibit we have in our town. I hope that my books will create a ripple effect among readers so that they can share both the history and traditions of Santa, as well as the unique story behind the creation of our Winter Wonderland exhibit.”


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February 8, 2024
Story by: Michael Dawes, Rosewood PR Director, 620-792-2536